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If you enjoy celebrity spotting as much as we do, you may find the following resources to be of interest:

Fashion Week : Fashion week is always a good place to spot celebrities. Fashion and celebrity status is tightly woven together. Here are a few places to view fashion week information.

Fashion News : Obviously, celebrities are often spotted in the newspapers and magazines. Here are a few fashion industry resources that report on celebrity gossip and news.

Celebrity Guide : The internet actually has plenty of celebrity guides, news resources, and directories. Rather than list them all, here are two primary categories. One for celebrity women, and one for men that are celebrities. If you cannot find the person that you are looking for on the directory, you can use the search engine that is found on the following guide pages.

We will be adding additional celebrity spotting tools and resources in the near future. If you have suggests regarding how we can improve this section, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Fashion Celebrity Bonnie McKee
Bonnie McKee

What apparel and fashion accessories are your favorite movie stars wearing today?

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